St Mary's  - Reunion


This website has been set up to assist identifying people from St Mary's Primary School, St Mary's Rd, Sale, Cheshire with a view to getting a reunion together for those who would have left the school in 1965.

Please look at the photos and if you can fill in any of the blanks email me with the information, also if you are in touch with anyone in these photos who is not yet aware of this please give them my details to get in touch.

We obviously got mixed up in different classes over the years as you will see from the photos.  I also apologise now if I have the wrong names against the photos but I'm getting old now, as are the rest of you hah !

The intention with this section is to have before & after pictures!

Boys Identified

Girls Identified

This will also become the reference point to all the year group

If we have any names wrong please email me with the correct name

If you can identify someone in this section please email me their name with the photo number

Boys yet to be Identified

Girls yet to be Identified

Click the links below to view the various photos

Where a higher resolution photo is available, clicking the photograph on these pages will load a better quality image.  For those of you with slow connections it may take a while to load.  If you want to save a copy for yourself just right click on the photo and" save picture" or "save image" depending which browser you are using

Cheryl Quayle's Class Photo
Catherine Robinson's Class Photo
Susie Stockton's Class Photo
Mark Grimshaw's Class Photo
Lindsay Percival's Photos

So far contacted and interested are: 

Louise Seddon, Mark Grimshaw, Catherine Robinson, Susie Stockton, Cheryl Quayle, Anita Gilchrist, David Astley, Graham Bliss, John Beighton, Katherine Ashworth, Kate Coles, Lindsay Percival


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